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Beautiful bellydancer on a gold background, black and silver costume with fringe

Undulating and hypnotizing with just a flick of her hips, Adelaide’s Queen of Slink Kalikah
Jade is a bellydance veteran of over 15 years who likes her music loud and her martinis
extra dry. With an aesthetic of Disney princess meets heavy metal frontman, Kalikah’s
avant-garde style is a juxtaposition of sequins and sparkles performed on a backdrop of dark and moody percussive rhythms. Fusing the sounds of industrial and progressive heavy metal with world influenced beats, Kalikah Jade will astound you with her spectacular costuming, sinuous movement style and earth-shaking shimmies for an unforgettable experience.
She has appeared at a number of festivals including seven seasons of Adelaide Fringe, The
Back to Back Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Bellydance Festival and Adelaide Cabaret Fringe
Festival. She’s a fixture on the Adelaide cabaret circuit, appearing regularly at Inferno -
Adelaide’s premiere fire show, Scene Queens - Emo/Goth Variety Cabaret Night, and Deluxe
Trashbag Cabaret.
As a lover of artistry and eternal student, Kalikah has trained extensively across several
styles of bellydance, and credits her biggest influences as Ashley Lopez, Diana Bastet,
Sashi and Sian Bhala. She is also an accomplished aerial silks student and yoga aficionado,
and brings elements of these disciplines to her training and performance.

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gothic bellydancer in fishnets and heeled boots, red hair
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