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Consider, even for a moment, the power and freedom of existing in this world, in your body, as it is, without fear or judgement. For centuries our bodies have been commodified and told how to exist in order to be valued. These negative messages pervade the patriarchal, capitalist, colonised society in which we live, creating a culture that demands we live in perpetual struggle with our bodies with tangible negative impacts to our well being from denial or limitations to joy and love to accessing unbiased healthcare and wage parity. This workshop will explore Body Positivity as an antidote to foster a more peaceful relationship with our body. We will discuss the historical and political importance of embracing a body positive approach to living in and learn practical techniques you can adopt to nurture a body positive mindset. Wear comfy clothes and bring some water, maybe a journal if you like.


LEVEL: Open to all.

Body Positivity in Practice with Venus Adored

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