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Join Kalikah for an exciting journey into the mesmerizing world of bellydance fusion with her signature rock n roll edge! In this workshop, participants will delve deep into the art of fusion bellydance, exploring improvised movement and choreography building. This class is designed for both beginners and seasoned dancers alike, offering a unique blend of technique, musicality, and creativity.

Throughout the workshop, participants will:

  • Unlock Musicality: Learn to express yourself through the language of music with an emphasis on alternative rock influenced genres. Explore different rhythms, melodies, and styles, and discover how to synchronize your movements with the beat. Develop a keen ear for music and enhance your ability to interpret various musical elements in your dance.

  • Choreography Building: Immerse yourself in the creative process of choreography. Kalikah will provide valuable insights and techniques for crafting dynamic dance routines that showcase your individual style and personality. From conceptualization to execution, you'll learn how to structure sequences, create transitions, and add embellishments to elevate your performance.

  • Fusion Exploration: Experience the versatility of bellydance fusion as we blend traditional movements with contemporary influences. Explore how to create innovative and captivating performances that push the boundaries of traditional bellydance.

Whether you're looking to refine your technique, unleash your creativity, or simply immerse yourself in the joy of dance, this workshop offers something for everyone. Come join Kalikah and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and discovery through the art of bellydance fusion!



Rockstar Rhythms: Commanding the Stage with Musicality in Bellydance Fusion with

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