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Workshop Info

Strange and Unusual with Kamrah
10am-12pm Friday 20th Sept
Open Level

Do the unexpected! Fuse unusual movements – twitches, creepy isolations and undulations, and screaming fast, explosive hits with belly dance. Learn the foundations of each of these movements and how to incorporate them into your dance. Class includes strength conditioning, an explanation of the theory behind the movements, drills, and a creepy combo.

Die for Me with Jessyka
12.30-2.30pm Friday 20th Sept

Learn a fierce, hip-hop inspired choreography to 'Die for Me' by MC Hush. With a strong anti-capitalist, pro-working class message, this song will be the opening number for Gothla 2025 and comes with an option to join us to perform it! Lots of hard hitting isolations, attitude, and badass signature Jessyka DRAMA

Character Creation with Emmeline Spankhurts
2.30-4.00pm Friday 20th Sept
Open level

This workshop is designed to help performers create and refine their persona character to reflect their performance style and act. By having a character, performers can build their confidence and manage stage fright to demonstrate the theme of their acts and overcome any potential mishaps that occur during live performances. This 90 minute workshop is a mix of theory and practice in a safe, caring and sensitive environment where all participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and triumphs. You’ll learn how to craft a persona for your performer character and for individual acts, try one on for size through reflection and movement.

Rockstar Rhythms with Kalikah Jade
10am-12pm Saturday 21 Sept
Open level

Join Kalikah for an exciting journey into the mesmerizing world of bellydance fusion with her signature rock n roll edge! In this workshop, participants will delve deep into the art of fusion bellydance, exploring improvised movement and choreography building. This class is designed for both beginners and seasoned dancers alike, offering a unique blend of technique, musicality, and creativity.

Throughout the workshop, participants will:

  1. Unlock Musicality: Learn to express yourself through the language of music with an emphasis on alternative rock influenced genres. Explore different rhythms, melodies, and styles, and discover how to synchronize your movements with the beat. Develop a keen ear for music and enhance your ability to interpret various musical elements in your dance.

  2. Choreography Building: Immerse yourself in the creative process of choreography. Kalikah will provide valuable insights and techniques for crafting dynamic dance routines that showcase your individual style and personality. From conceptualization to execution, you'll learn how to structure sequences, create transitions, and add embellishments to elevate your performance.

  3. Fusion Exploration: Experience the versatility of bellydance fusion as we blend traditional movements with contemporary influences. Explore how to create innovative and captivating performances that push the boundaries of traditional bellydance.

Whether you're looking to refine your technique, unleash your creativity, or simply immerse yourself in the joy of dance, this workshop offers something for everyone. Come join Kalikah and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and discovery through the art of bellydance fusion!

Learn to Dance with Fire with Wolf Ifritah
10am-12pm Saturday 21 Sept
Open level

This 2 hour course will cover - fire safety basics (with notes!), includes practice of "how to put out all night long" /fire marshal. This will set you up for success if you should ever want to perform with fire , support a friend or elevate/modernise your fire safety standards. Learn basic palm candle moves then we will take turns to light up and dance with fire in a safe supportive environment ( palm candles - supplied ). I want to empower folks to claim a connection to fire , be brave and learn to hold a confident and powerful presense for fire dancing. These are the first steps on a journey you wont regret, no experience required.

You Want Me to Do What? with Kamrah
12.30-2.30pm Saturday 21 Sept

 Challenging layers, foot patterns, super fast movements -  learn Kamrah's signature approach to achieving the Hard Stuff fast - without hating  yourself or your teacher - as well as his favorite drills, layers, and combos. Bring water.  And a towel. And maybe an emotional support friend.

Apparition of the Tortured Soul with Kylie Astarte
12.30-2.30pm Saturday 21 Sept
Open level

Draw back the veil and enter in the realm of the spirit world, where disembodied and tortured souls seek solace, justice, or revenge. We will be working with the air and ether elements to construct an improvised performance which will send chills down the spine of your audience. We will float, glide, and spiral with screams of silence as we explore the benevolent spirit to the poltergeist. Bring a translucent veil or shroud, and a choker style necklace or collar.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY- this workshops comes with the optional opportunity to perform this routine at our Open Stage on Saturday night! 

MOVER with Thais Carvalho
2.30-4.30pm Saturday 21 Sept
Beyond Beginners

MOVER is a piece of Thais annual Dance Intensives and Certified Program that are composed formally for four interconnected Experiences through the year: Movement - Interaction - Creation - Expression. The first and main one, Movement, unfolds Thais concept of 𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑑, 𝐶𝑜𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑐𝑡, 𝐸𝑥𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠: Each step is a sentence, each gesture a paragraph. In this Workshop , you'll learn to read the language of dance and connect with the stories your body yearns to tell. Every movement becomes a page, and you are the storyteller. The dance floor transforms into a canvas, and you paint the masterpiece of your own expression. Unlock the joy of movement, connect with the music, and unveil the dancer within.

Body Positivity in Practice with Venus Adored
2.30-4.30pm Saturday 21 Sept
Open Level

Consider, even for a moment, the power and freedom of existing in this world, in your body, as it is, without fear or judgement. For centuries our bodies have been commodified and told how to exist in order to be valued. These negative messages pervade the patriarchal, capitalist, colonised society in which we live, creating a culture that demands we live in perpetual struggle with our bodies with tangible negative impacts to our well being from denial or limitations to joy and love to accessing unbiased healthcare and wage parity. This workshop will explore Body Positivity as an antidote to foster a more peaceful relationship with our body. We will discuss the historical and political importance of embracing a body positive approach to living in and learn practical techniques you can adopt to nurture a body positive mindset.

The Rogue with Kamrah
10am-12pm Sunday 22 Sept
Open Level

Part of Kamrah's RPG Series! Rogues are known for their stealth, nimbleness, and dexterity. We’ll up our slinky game through some ooey-gooey super flowy isolations and arms and then get  into the weird stuff. Strange layers, unusual movements, and slinky traveling will be  broken down and then all of it rolled up into combos. A discussion on how to make  practice and drilling more efficient and effective, like a quick, surgical strike in the dark,  will follow. This workshop is a must for day-job working dancers who have little time for practice. 

The Cleric with Kamrah
12.30-2.30pm Sunday 22 Sept
Open Level

Part of Kamrah's RPG Series! Clerics work on their connection to the divine, and as dancers, we will work  on the connection to ourselves. We will learn some pre-performance exercises to keep  stage fright at bay, as well as how to create and maintain your stage persona during  your performance. We’ll connect to our breath, learn grounding exercises, and how to  stay in the moment by tossing ourselves into the deep end of dance improvisation (even  cued improv dancers will find this challenging!). No combos, no choreography, just you,  the moment, and the music to make magic!

Kamrah Platinum Pass

This pass gives you access to all of Kamrah's workshops over the Gothla AU weekend. We know a lot of you will want to make the most of this opportunity to learn from him!

Goddess Pass

This pass gives you access to every single workshop we are offering (excl.Kamrah's workshops). Can't decide? We don't blame you! Now you don't have to.

Gothla AU VIP Pass

The Ultimate! This pass gives you access to EVERY SINGLE WORKSHOP we are running over the weekend. Make the most of it! (and maybe take Monday off)

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